Drug testing – the Gen Y opinion…

In Australia, there has recently been a ruling against testing for employee’s drug intake by urine sample, since this can show drugs taken over the previous few days. So drug testing for employment purposes will still be done by saliva swabs, which only shows the previous few hours.
Why? Because employees feel this impinges on their personal time and recreation preferences.
Gen Y, the generation produced by the biggest drug experimenters of all (*cough, cough, Baby Boomers*), what do you reckon about all of this? Baby Boomers have brought in some pretty hard line policies against recreational drug use, but let’s not pretend there wasn’t heavy usage back in their day.
Now days, recreational drug use is still pretty prevalent. Perhaps it’s not quite the love-fest of the hippies, and hopefully not as hardcore as the rockers, but it’s definitely part of the clubbing scene. And every body likes to have a night out now and then – so whether we like it or not, when we’re out on the town, we’re out with people who are probably on something.
How would you feel about the fact that the person two tables from you, minding their own business and having a lovely night, would lose their job on Monday because traces of a drug were found in a urine test for Work Health & Safety precautions?
Buzz kill? A necessary evil? Or a warranted action?
Personally, I’m gonna allocate this one to the other 95% of life – the grey area. So many variables, so many points to debate. For a generation weaned on advertising touting the horrors of drug use, but who still persist in recreational use, I have a feeling this is an issue that will be fiercely contested in the coming years.
Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 16 August 2012