What’s It All About Al-Friday – The Innate Need to Work

You know – what’s it all about Alfie?

Why do we do what we do? Why do we go to work? Why do we practice HR?

Lots of important questions to answer on Fridays, as a reminder at the end of the traditional work week of why we are working, and what our life is really all about, before entering the weekend.

Once I had to write an essay for my first year university subject “Intro to Management”, and the topic was ‘the value of work for an individual’. It was the first time I ever really thought about how we really appreciate the opportunity to work. We love to have a task, accomplish its completion, and get a reward for it. It’s so innate in our beings to want to work.

I don’t pity any man who does hard work worth doing. I admire him. I pity the creature who does not work, at whichever end of the social scale he may regard himself as being.

-Theodore Roosevelt

At the end of another week of work done, we most certainly find ourselves weary, looking forward to time off, and probably fantasising about winning the lottery. But let’s be grateful, despite however shitty our jobs are, that we have been afforded the opportunity to work this week. Spare a thought for all those others who cannot find paying work, or for those lost, aimless and empty from not finding the rewards of work in their lives. It’s nice to be grateful for meeting an innate need within ourselves.

Bon weekend!

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 7 September 2012