Movers, Shakers & Monday Game Changers – Suzi Quatro and Women Who Don’t Just Sing

Monday is about remembering the movers, shakers and game changers, of things that look incredibly trivial now, but challenged many on arrival.

Scaremongers like to write a lot about the insane changes the next generation will bring. Here’s some changes already brought, against all odds and discouragement, and it all turned out alright.

Some perspective for your back-pocket, to think about when the times are getting tough as a change maker.

Suzi Q – she’s one cool girl. And is 48 Crash the catchiest rock song ever?! Not to mention, those leather pants. I’m still kinda lusting after a pair of leather pants, if only I could first afford liposuction!

But what makes Suzi Q so damn special?

“I was a me-ist. I believed in the right to do whatever I wanted to do regardless of gender. Still do.”

Fantastic Guardian article here.

She was the first ever female musician (not just a singer, but an instrument player) to make it big in rock’n’roll. Her biggest musical hero was Elvis Presley, and like I talked about last week, he smashed the racial barrier of who could sing rock’n’roll. Suzi carried on his legacy, and smashed the gender barrier of who could be a rock’n’roller. Yeah, there were female singers, but she was the first to play – and a damn good bass player at that.

As she said in a radio interview “Somebody had to set the way”. And set the way she did, with a blazing light for other hard rock chicks, like Joan Jett. Joan was so in love with Suzi her wooden platform shoes had Suzi Quatro carved into them.

Have you ever been presented with the opportunity to be the first at doing something? Did you go for it, and how did that work out for you?

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 10 September 2012