What’s It All About Al-friday – Rebuilding the World Trade Centre, Politics, and Surrendering

You know – what’s it all about Alfie?

Why do we do what we do? Why do we go to work? Why do we practice HR?

Lots of important questions to answer on Fridays, as a reminder at the end of the traditional work week of why we are working, and what our life is really all about, before entering the weekend.

Have you read this article “The Truth About the World Trade Centre“?

It reads like a thriller of just how disgusting money, power, greed, politics and unethical behaviour can be. It shows the destructive force it brings upon the common good. It is like reading a real life version of “Wallstreet Money Never Sleeps”, but instead it’s about the rebuilding of the World Trade Centre.

Mike Pinelli and Marc Becker have been here from the start, supervising the Freedom Tower’s construction. The politics mean nothing to them, nothing worth saying.

“I know it’s gonna happen,” Marc Becker said in 2005, standing at rock bottom of the empty pit, where construction had stopped dead before it ever really got started. “I just don’t know when. It’s very personal to me — I saw what the poor souls looked like after they jumped out of the buildings. What they pulled out of the debris, I saw it. It’s personal. We’re ready to go. We’re ready to build.”

And at the end of the article, you see what it’s all about really.

Humans are survivors, and rebuilders. We all live with this political crap in our workplaces every day, but we persevere to get that pay cheque or see that task complete. We may be below the political noise, but we rise above it in our pursuit of real accomplishment.

Here’s to you and your week. Whatever your political play has been, I hope it gets left at your workplace’s door and you enjoy a wonderful weekend experiencing the real joys of life. Because power isn’t joy, joy is love, and love doesn’t keep record of wrongs – love is total surrender, release and freedom.

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 28 September 2012