My 100% Assured System of Training People to Engage on Social Media

Update: Thank you to Michael (@MJCarty) for offering me the opportunity to have this post hosted on the wonderful blog XpertHR. You can see my guest post here. How much fun is this blogging thing?!

This would be my imaginary task:
1 day of training to get a group of HR people to engage on social media.

This is how I would do it:

  1. Aim solely for them to engage on Twitter – Facebook can be learnt later, but Twitter is the easiest and best way to jump into the fun of social media.
  2. Set up Twitter accounts for each of the participants and set them up to follow a good list of people and each other. Feel free to look at my list of who I follow on twitter @whippasnappahr  – I really like my feed and think it’s a good group to kick off from.
  3. Meet the group at 9:00am for the training to start and line up to jump on a bus with good, fast wifi enabled, and a smart phone in each participant’s hand.
  4. At the bus door I’d hand out their log-on information, the 140 character limit rule, a #HRtwitute hashtag, and a twitter themed scavenger hunt list.
  5. We would drive from 9:30am to lunch time, and arrive at our destination of a great pub with good food and drink. Lunch would be real world networking time to complement the twitter networking done before and after. Then we would drive home.
  6. In that driving time, we would have a twitter themed scavenger hunt including:
  • Write your profile information
  • Follow 10 people who are in your industry
  • Follow 10 people who are in your geographic location
  • Follow 10 people who are in your hobby
  • Tweet a photograph
  • Use at least three different hashtags
  • Favourite 5 tweets
  • Link to 5 articles
  • Reply to 10 people’s tweets
  • Write 10 original tweets
And when we arrive back at the end of the day, everyone would be a twitter aficionado with a few friends they have enjoyed engaging with over the day. If they really, really didn’t want to try it out, I suppose they could just nap on the bus and have a good lunch – napping on the bus is way more comfortable that on a training room chair anyway. So everyone’s a winner in Sarah Miller’s training haha!

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 15 November 2012