Dear HR, Please Stop Giving Gifts at Christmas Time

I’m heading back to Australia for Christmas this year – it will be the first with my family after 2 Christmases in Singapore. And it’s awesome, because my partner is Muslim, so we never fight over which family we’re spending Christmas with! Every year it’s Christmas with mine and Hari Raya with his (or whatever our bank balance can afford). do I love Christmas!
My favourite part of Christmas is the giving. Well duh – my personality type is “the giver” – so yeah, I am pretty kick ass at gift giving if I do say so myself. But this is what I think HR should do for every organisation that isn’t Christian: Stop Giving Gifts at Christmas Time.
Give gifts because you appreciate someone, or something they’ve done. Give gifts because it’s their birthday, or because they’ve had a baby. Give gifts because it will just make their day. But for the love of a dog, don’t give gifts at one time of the year because it’s a previously dominant religion’s celebration.
You know what would be really cool? Just a random month not linked to any religious event, where the organisation appreciates its employees and tells them how important they are. And a token ‘have a nice break’ gift if the organisation is shutting down over the Christmas break.
So, some ideas for a token ‘have a nice break’ gift ideas:
Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts by whippasnappahr on Polyvore

1: Designer desk wares – like an awesome calendar that doesn’t have your healthcare provider’s logo plastered all over it.
2: Starbucks or other coffeeshop gift card – coffee and corporate are just two cute peas in a pod. Are there any religions against soy mocha frappes?
3: An extra day off to be taken at their choosing – cos employee’s religious events generally take more than one day of celebration (i.e. have you seen the food at Hari Raya?!)
4: Awesome headphones – save some employee hearing from those crap cheap things they blast on their commute, or maybe give them some comfort with noise cancellers if they travel far.
5: Grocery vouchers – basket full of junk food on the boss? Cheers mate!
6: Magazine subscription – for some reading on a topic that’s not to do with their profession. Might make for better reading than the crap sitting on the lunch table in the staff room – out-of-date supplier advertisement filled mags anyone?
Hopefully some good alternatives to giving alcohol and ham to your diverse and multicultural workforce. And now, I’m off to think of all the ways I’m going to over consume alcohol and ham this December 25th.
Have a wonderful holiday break, whatever way you choose to spend it!

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 5 December 2012