My Latest Near Death Experience

It is so good to be back here blogging with you!
I have just had a fabulous week in Australia that exceeded every expectation of awesomeness. Family, weddings, food, cocktails, dancing and laughs – the good life was being force fed to me and all I could say was “get in ma belly!”
Although, as the title suggests, I nearly experienced death. Not like real life death, but an online death. I had no fibre optic cable internet and 3G. By the grace of a higher power though, I got through. I have come back incredibly refreshed after having a real break from everything. My mobile phone had no global roaming. The folks’ internet was so slow I quit trying to use it within the first couple of days. And then I started just getting by without it. Of course, I still had the deep desire to google and wikipedia everything, but life somehow functions without the net. Who would have thunk it? I’m not sure I quite believe that I could really live without the internet on a regular basis, as I do heartily subscribe to the modern Maslow’s theory.
Oh and I could totally be best friends with Tom from Parks & Recreation.
However, I must also say it was a good for the soul to get offline. Try it sometime. In fact, have you got your next holiday booked? It’s not going to just book itself! Pick a week, set a budget, pick a place. If you’re not fully utilising your recreation leave days every year, you are missing out on so much. Say you work for 50 years (18-68 years old, sounds about right for the modern day), and you have 20 recreation leave days available to you per year, you end up having 1000 recreation leave days available to you in your career. With 260 working days in a year (thereabouts), that’s 2.8 years on recreation leave. Really you will be working 47.2 years and taking the other 2.8 years off. For every recreation leave day you don’t get around to taking, losing or getting cashed out, you’re losing those precious 2.8 years out of your life time career to experience life. Doesn’t that number freak you out? Out of your whole 50 year career, you’d have 2.8 years off in it. Makes me want to go and book every last day available to me now, just to make sure circumstances don’t rob me of those 2.8 years I will be able to spend away from work between the ages of 18 and 68. What a precious commodity we so easily never get around to using.
I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into blogging after this break, and can’t wait to enjoy your online company again. The HR blogging community is just a top bunch of people and I’m so glad to be back!
Now onto booking my next holiday… Any destination suggestions?
Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 2 May 2013