Pessary Problem Solving – 19th Century Gynaecology & HR

What is Pessary Problem Solving?
It’s where, instead of addressing the real reason for a problem because it’s too culturally entrenched, we just address the secondary problems. It’s like damage control – just so that damaging practice can be continued.
The Hodge Pessary, invented in 1866 – during the corset craze.
You know, like women 100 years ago who wore corsets because ‘that’s just what women wear’… and then the corsets squeezed women’s innards like sausages and their uteri starting falling out of their bodies… so then they popped in a pessary which acted like a little cork bottling up that uterus inside their pressure drum bodies… and then they continued to wear their corset?!?
Yeah, that is Pessary Problem Solving.
Don’t you just love the irony? The corset, designed to attract male attention, also breaks the one part of a woman most straight men actually care about. And check it out – “fits baby too.”
You heard it here first folks, and you’re never going to forget these images. So next time you see a damaging practice that’s just too culturally entrenched to deal with – don’t you dare even try to use that pessary – get in there and rip that corset off!
HR Challenge yo! Here’s a pessary I’m sick of seeing in use, and some corsets I’d like HR to bust off: 
  • Not contacting unsuccessful recruitment candidates. That’s a corset of lazy, rude, and crap behaviour being patched up by a pessary of “due to the overwhelming response, we will not be  able to contact unsuccessful candidates”. 
  • Team building days in formal workplaces. That’s a corset of too-much-risk ‘we don’t do fun’ management being patched up by a pessary of lame activities. 
  • Weak-ass training for everyone. That’s a corset of ‘we don’t really develop anyone’ being patched up by a pessary of ‘but you all get to do a day’s training aimed at someone with a primary school reading level’.
You see it. You get it. You can change it.
Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 23 May 2013