Keeping A Message You’re Passionate About Fresh

Anyone who has met me in real life will know that I’m a raging feminist, and I’m not exaggerating, I’m dedicated to this cause. I just simply don’t see why half of the world’s population isn’t a big enough number for us to care about. Females are intrinsically different to males in almost every single way, and those who are different to the creators of ‘how things work’ are always going to struggle. Females are a permanent Struggletown population – it’s just the deal. And it’s fascinating, complicated, nuanced, historically linked and emotional. It’s a crazy big issue.
It’s also a crazy boring issue if it’s only ever presented with one angle. The angry feminist has been flogged to death by the media – all the way down to crappy HR media that reports on the latest survey. The angry feminist issue is so entrenched in fact, that women struggle to call themselves a feminist for fear of implicating themselves as an angry man hater. It’s a really, really frustrating rut for feminism as a whole to be in.
Personally, it’s a frustrating emotional rut to be in too. My poor partner has had to endure many of my red-wine-fuelled lectures shouted at the TV, as yet another trivial thing sets me off. Seriously, the man deserves a medal. And I seriously need to add some angles to my repertoire.
There are angles galore to explore, and not only does it make the message interesting, it also makes it relevant to someone who would otherwise tune out. Nobody ever really gets fired up about an issue until they have a personal investment in it, and it’s hard to create their personal investment just by presenting them with angry messages. 
So whatever your issue, whether it’s at work, a personal cause, or just a message you have been mandated to share – my piece of advice to you, as a long-time-cause-advocate, is to work the angles. Not all happy, not all sad, not all angry and not all informative. Take people on the journey with you, of what it’s like to live the cause and survive life believing in it. Bring it to life with everything life has in it: humour, frustration, sarcasm, hard facts, personal experiences, elation, disappointments, misunderstandings, successes and boredom – it’s all got to be there.
Because, quite simply, the message will be lost if the image equates to just a bunch of permanently angry people.

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 21 October 2013