Passing the High Performance Buck Back

This guy would have saved so much time if he just asked the dog to try opening the door first…

If we really value our stars, we give them that opportunity to have a go, then we offer the support.

I don’t think it matters what size your HR team is, or even if there is HR. The point of having a star is about giving them the space to create, launch and learn. Why develop a specific program for stars, when you don’t even know if they need it? Why build the dog flap before they’ve tried to open the door? Anyone can spend a bit of one-on-one time and test a few doors. There’s just simply no excuse for not nurturing stars, and don’t accept it from your leaders. Fancy development programs, and big rewards add some glitter, but it’s the opportunity to do something themselves that is the real content for stars. Any leader worth their salt can make that happen, and they don’t need a learning team or even HR support for it

Do your leaders know that?

Btw, if you’re wondering how I can be employed in HR, and write about HR – here‘s my explanation.

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  • 20 February 2014