If the product sucks, is the work worth it?

The ad was so good that it launched the phrase “not happy Jan” in Australia but is it really that good if it was for the Yellow Pages and the internet has happened since?


I’m wondering if the work is really worth it if the product sucks? “Not happy Jan” is some brilliant work, but it didn’t stop the Yellow Pages from going extinct once the internet really got going. But here’s the thing, even after the product has died, the great work of this advertisement lives on… and on… and on.

See – just check out the hashtag #nothappyjan on Twitter – I bet only 1% of those people use the Yellow Pages, but long lives the phrase.

I think that often we can find ourselves working on things we may not really believe in, or can even see the writing on the wall for, and yet we still have the opportunity to make something fabulous. I often use the phrase ‘lipstick on a pig’, but hey, lipstick can be goddamn work of art.

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  • 27 May 2016