Word & Material – Proven & Concrete

Typography thoughts

I need to develop a graphic depiction of the word ‘proven’ using the material ‘concrete’ as a basis.

So… the word ‘proven’, what does it even mean:


verb (used with object), proved, proved or proven, proving.
to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument:
to prove one’s claim.


confirm, convince, demonstrate, determine, explain, find, justify, result, show, substantiate,  test, try

When I think of ‘proven’ I think of it as an adjective, and the usage that really sticks with me is a proven formula.

Concrete is a proven formula of cement, and sand, and aggregate, and water, and mixing, and pouring, and setting. Concrete can construct. Concrete can evidence. Concrete proves.

Concrete isn’t pretty. In fact, when I think of concrete, I often think of [shudder] Le Corbusier and those hideous monstrosities of public housing.

I love this quote from Dali that Corbusier’s “death filled me with an immense joy. Le Corbusier was a pitiable creature working in reinforced concrete.”

Just look at this church in Firminy. Cathedrals have that sense of elevation – of helping us to look up and transcend to to the spiritual realm. This concrete cathedral makes me think of death more than eternity.

So when I think of concrete, and what it proves… what has it proven?… well that it’s ugly, but effective.

It’s a proven formula.

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  • 13 July 2016