Sketching a quote

New typography assignment is hot off the press and I’ve got some thinking to do. I need to stylise this quote:

You can do a good ad without good
typography, but you can’t do a great ad
without good typography.
Herb Lubalin

And I can do it with only 1 typeface, but unlimited point sizes and unlimited colours.

Turns out Herb Lubalin is quite the giant in graphic design. His typography is iconic.

There’s a fabulous article with a Lubalin biographer over at Print.

Also, this vimeo, talks a little about Lubalin and how his work can be used as inspiration for modern designers.

I found a little inspiration in the vimeo with a poster by Lubalin. All one typeface, 2 colours, 2 sizes. And some really fun work with the interaction of the letters.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.38.25 PM

So that’s what I’ve found so far that’s got my mind wandering… perhaps the quote can be split between colours? There are a lot of words, so it makes sense to manipulate the text to look like an attractive block. Off to do some sketching…

Currently listening to: The Stuyvesants (I am so late to this party!)

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  • 4 August 2016