Inspiration for an illustrative style

I would like to use a style that’s reminiscent of people’s sketched travel journals for my Digital Design assignment. Here’s some inspiration I found for travel journals, and watercolour vectors made in Adobe Illustrator.

Plenty of inspiration and examples to get me started with sketching…

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Flying Circus – Landing on a Theme

Back to a new teaching period of uni, this time I’m studying Digital Design and Visual Communication.

Digital Design’s first assignment is ‘Flying Circus’, where we need to deck out 3 paper planes with digital designs in line with a theme.

So first things first, time to think of a theme…

The recent events with the election, and political climate has been on my mind a lot. I thought that it could be an interesting theme to explore, along with things like media and the use of fear. I also looked at how this all personally affects me, such as what travelling looks like for me as part of an interracial couple.

Eventually, after riffing on a few ideas, trying out a paper plane or two, I landed on the theme of ‘Three Homes’ which is how I feel about Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. I have 3 homes, but feel like I’m never home. It really does feel like a ‘flying circus’ when we’re pulled in so many directions by family, culture, jobs and preferences.

Here are moodboards I made to reflect each country:


Australia makes me think of space, wildlife, great wine, pesky flies and family.161120-moodboard-3-homes2

Singapore makes me think of great shopping, milo dinosaurs, tropical weather and family.161120-moodboard-3-homes3

And Indonesia reminds me of my favourite food, batik, unfortunately some poverty, and family.

So lots to love and celebrate about each of those places. Next step will be to decide on a plane fold and start sketching some ideas for each plane.


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