Awesome Yiddish Words

I love words that sound like the action – especially when they lend themselves to be said with gusto!

For instance, I love the Indonesian word ‘sandal jepit’ (pronounced sandal jeh-pete) which means thongs/flip flops/jandals/sandals. The ‘jepit’ part of the word is exactly the sound that thongs make when you walk in them… try walking in thongs and not hearing ‘jepit’ now!

It is for this reason that I have a fascination with Yiddish words. They’re just so onomatopoeia-ish and delicious. Who doesn’t love saying ‘schmooze’. “Of course I don’t like these people, I’m just schmooooooooozing with them for the free canapés darling!”

I chose 12 of my favourite Yiddish words and matched them up to signs – because they just seem so universally applicable.


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I started carrying a notebook around 4 or so years ago. It’s the catchall for ideas, packing lists, sketches, quotes, books I’ve read… everything and anything really.

The best feeling is finishing a notebook – the absolute best feeling! I stick a label and number on it, and add it to my pile.

It makes me smile so much to remember all the little sketches and designs I have done over the years, and the dreaming about being a designer, but feeling like it wasn’t really meant to be because… well… I don’t know why. Because now I’m studying design and the sketchbooks are filling up faster than ever and I am just in heaven.

So if you are dreaming of doing something – please do it. Who cares about making careers of it, or being any good at it. Just marinate in the gloriousness of pursuing it.

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