Typography action in 1900-1910

Onto a new assignment for typography, and this time it’s to make an informative poster about typography in a certain period. I was allocated 1900-1910 and although at first I was a little dismayed with the Art Nouveau stuff I was finding, I soon stumbled onto some very interesting work that caught my eye.

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Typography Assessment 2

In this assessment, we needed to design an A3 poster for a quote within design constraints. My constraints were 1 typeface, but unlimited sizes and colours. I actually found the unlimited bit to be harder, because I find creativity from problem solving (i.e. I’ve only got one thing to work with, so how do I make it look good). I also totally didn’t connect with the quote, so this was an interesting exercise in producing something I’m not particularly inspired by.

Here is the poster:

And here is the design process documentation we also need to prepare:

The pace of these courses in scary fast, but the fact that I’m actually making stuff is really exciting. Fingers crossed this project turns out ok, because although I did this individually, this particular assessment is marked as a group with 2 other classmates who had the same quote but different design constraints. I really enjoyed working with others, Google Hangouts helped, and it was cool to be learning online but really get the classroom experience.

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Lubalin – inspiration for a quote

So in this current assignment, I am producing an A3 poster for a quote, using 1 typeface, unlimited sizes and unlimited colours. We need to submit as a group, and will get an overall group mark.

I’ve got to say – Google hangouts are awesome!

We have decided to use Future as a theme font for our group, and because I’m restricted to 1 typeface, that’s me done.

Onto finding inspiration for how I’ll set this thing out. The quote is be Herb Lubalin, and here is some of his work:

Sources are here, here & here.

Lubalin really likes his big ‘O’s to be round, and in the top example, he’s really playing with that space. The Avant Garde example is another example of fully justified text becoming the whole graphic. And in the third example, it’s a really nice bit of hierarchy between the title and the credits.

All of this got me thinking and sketching and trying lay outs for the quote.

And this is where I’ve got to so far:

It’s not great – but I’ve put it in for some feedback and will hopefully be able to develop my idea further.

update – the verdict is in, and the feedback is this is a big stinking pile of 💩 . Back to the drawing board!

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Sketching a quote

New typography assignment is hot off the press and I’ve got some thinking to do. I need to stylise this quote:

You can do a good ad without good
typography, but you can’t do a great ad
without good typography.
Herb Lubalin

And I can do it with only 1 typeface, but unlimited point sizes and unlimited colours.

Turns out Herb Lubalin is quite the giant in graphic design. His typography is iconic.

There’s a fabulous article with a Lubalin biographer over at Print.

Also, this vimeo, talks a little about Lubalin and how his work can be used as inspiration for modern designers.

I found a little inspiration in the vimeo with a poster by Lubalin. All one typeface, 2 colours, 2 sizes. And some really fun work with the interaction of the letters.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.38.25 PM

So that’s what I’ve found so far that’s got my mind wandering… perhaps the quote can be split between colours? There are a lot of words, so it makes sense to manipulate the text to look like an attractive block. Off to do some sketching…

Currently listening to: The Stuyvesants (I am so late to this party!)

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Typography Assessment 1

The brief was to express the word and meaning with a particular material. I was given the word ‘Proven’ and the material of concrete.

I have shared my development of a concept here, here, here and here.

And now, here is the final product:

Sarah Miller P1_W&M

Sarah Miller Design Process P1_W&M1

Sarah Miller Design Process P1_W&M12

I wonder how I’ll go with the assessment? Is it any good? I wonder what I will think when I look back on this work in years to come, and if I’ll be embarrassed by it?

14 August 2016 Update – The marks are in, and I have done well! Biggest feedback point was the quality of the photograph – I knew I was trading off quality for the shutter speed settings in the night light, so not too unhappy about that feedback.

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